Dr Anja Stefan


Partner for Strategic Marketing

Anja is an experienced consultant in Strategic Marketing, Brand Management and New Product Development with extensive experience in delivering successful consulting projects for local and international clients of all sizes.

Anja has a doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Manchester and a background in Sociology and Media studies. Her educational framework allows for a deep understanding of business, people and communication. With more than 25 years of experience in marketing consulting and first-hand experience in founding and managing start-ups, Anja is in a unique position to understand both sides of the coin: the business problem and the marketing solution that could solve it.

Irena Dimitrič


Partner for Corporate and Legal Services

Irena is a University of Ljubljana law graduate with more than 10 years of international legal and business experience. Her experience in managing supplier relationships, combined with an in-depth knowledge of market, corporate and contract law, is a great asset for clients. After years of experience in establishing and managing internal legal and compliance departments, she is now devoted to help companies meet their business goals, growth and business optimisation. She closely monitors that client’s benefits are protected throughout the entire period of cooperation.

Andrej Koprivec, FCCA, CFA


Partner for Strategic Finance and Transaction Services

Andrej is a financial expert who has led financial and operational restructuring teams, M&A deals and due diligence teams, with an excellent network for restructuring and M&A in the automotive sector. He has extensive experience in the fields of M&A, corporate strategy, financial and operating restructuring, valuation, AQRs (asset quality review) of Slovene banks, audit, new product/service development for the industrial sector, project finance and startup/SME development.

Peter Kumše

Consultant in Business IT

Peter started his career as a systems administrator and moved on to become a business consultant in strategic information and communication technology (ICT) management. He has a strong technical background including planning, organising and implementing various IT solutions that require multi-layer coordination within the organization and its external ICT providers. He is driven by business needs which define his approach to ICT: it is mainly a technical issue, but a deep understanding of people and the business environment is key. He enjoys tackling challenging technical and safety issues in ever-new situations and industries, managing varied teams, and building safe and sound ICT environments.